Heart Coherence Program

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Experience Revelation Through Heart Coherence. This audio helps you: awaken your spiritual vision, achieve coherence between your brain and your heart, experience heart consciousness open your intuitive faculties, have revelatory ecstatic experiences.

WARNING: This program can cause unusual and intense bodily sensations, including goosebumps, chills, “hair standing on end,” spontaneous orgasms and ecstatic experiences of “light.” Do not listen to while driving or operating heavy machinery.


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  • There is no download link on this page.  I have not been able to access this content.  Please help make this available it looks like a great program!  Thanks!
  • Well...that was different.  I didn't have too much reaction but I did feel kind of light and I can still feel my heart presence a half hour later.  I'm new to meditation so I'll keep trying this for a week and see what happens.