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What no self-respecting revolutionary would be caught without

Designed by revolutionaries for revolutionaries, this magic UPRISER hoodie brings you good luck and great fortune in your revolutionary pursuits. It commands authority, and intimidates oppressors. It’s amazingly comfortable and truly super-high-quality, because it’s designed by a hoodie aficionado. Plus it gives you miraculous powers, because it’s blessed by a secret sect of high priests. Russell Brand has already been showing off his magic UPRISER hoodie on many episodes of the Trews (see below).

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This is to support Wayseer’s “Light the World” Project – we’re hoping to trade the hoodies we have on hand, for much needed financial support.

In a time when everything is fake… these hoodies are real.

This uber-comfortable and sturdy hoodie is available in navy and gray and is crafted of supersoft cotton with a sumptuous hand and a sporty, tailored, unslouchy and flattering fit. It is emblazoned with an UPRISER sleeve, chest and drawstring emblem tab. It also features a drawstring hood, full zipper closure, and front pockets.

ATTENTION: LIMITED AVAILABILITY. There are very few hoodies available in each size, because we had them custom made to very rigorous specifications. This process was very difficult and time consuming, so we may not be making any more.

By buying and wearing your hoodie you are also supporting our work.

Take a pic of yourself wearing your hoodie and we’ll share it on our Facebook pages for 100,000 fans to see.

Get this $125 hoodie FREE when you sign up for Elite Membership.Start Your Membership >

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