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  • A very exciting video presenting Wayseers as artists who are meant to translate the transcendent messages of the Way into a physical manifestation. It explains the gap between inspiration and actual results; the need for skills to perform in the physical world. What the underdevelopment or lack of skills means for the Wayseers. It also tells us how The Way broadcasts its messages. Why there is someone else who succeeds with the same idea you had. Why the first works tend to be quite bad, even though we're divinely inspired. How come there are artists, gurus of positivity and other people in touch with a part of The Way who are awful people outside of their field. The second part tells you how to live your life as your art and how to open yourself fully to the Way. Why hard work is important and you shouldn't cheat your way out of it. And finally, how to stop procrastinating and choose the time when the work is meant to be finished.