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  • Really interesting commentary on the symbiosis between people who think inside and outside of the box. It's unfortunate that society sees the minority of outside of the box creative types as parasitic given the conditions we are coping with.
  • Probably the first video in the series that you'd have to watch. Here you find responses to the fundamental questions like "What is the Way?" "What are Wayseers/Uprisers?" "What are Stabilizers?". Then we find about the way those two bodies of humanity - Wayseers and Stabilizers - perceive order. What happens when Wayseers are put in Stabilizer's "boxes". Then a fundamental question: to what extent do we need rules and laws to function? Breaking rules - from Lucifer to Jesus, archetypal Uprisers but polar opposites. How to start "dropping out". Then, we find about the differences between the quick decisions made by the ego and the impulses from the heart. More upon the need for a special, two-track education for Uprisers and Stabilizers. And finally, about the sustainability of one's work and whom to share it with. Tags: addiction, ADHD, art, bipolar, creation, ego, evolution, happiness, laws, love, Neanderthals, purpose, rules, Stabilizer, the Way, Upriser, Wayseer.