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  • Title seems good, although the word "tracks" was used in the video. A couple synonyms too if I remember correctly. What the video deals with is the focus of the whole Upriser Academy initiative, taking 3 forms/steps/tracks. 1. Turn on to yourself and learn what you're made of. Done via the Wayseer Manifesto and similar materials. 2. Tune in to the state of awe, frisson, connection with the Light. We need that state in order to function properly as Uprisers. Without it, people of our temperament become agents of chaos. 3. Understand the knowledge behind our statements. We do it through our "From the Future" video series, presenting the scientific story of how things fit together and our place in this cosmic arrangement. Tags: agents of chaos, awe, creators, brain repression, consciousness, frisson, from the future, higher connection