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  • Wow, you are speaking my language! This reflects exactly how I have to operate to keep my commitments with my ultra-organized wife and co-workers. I also have an operations manager in my business that is super-organized and keeps me straight. He loves routines/processes which has been a way-send to me. 
  • In this video, Garret tells us about the typical Wayseer weakness: being messy. How come we are like that and we forget things so rapidly? Why does it happen? We have a brief explanation for that as well as how to overcome this weakness. What is the role of technology and outsourcing in managing our lives better. Tips and tricks for organization and pitfalls to be aware of. How to handlethe creative process, and how not to get too lost in it. Tags: distraction, forgetting, management, memory, order, organizational tools, remembering, promises, visual thinking,