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  • A great video about the -mostly- invisible entities guiding our lives. On one hand, angels - summoning their power and a bit about their nature. On the other hand, the entities humorously named "the evil monkeys" - a fun concept that brilliantly illustrates patterns of negative human interaction. Also, how to get rid of the "evil monkeys" and what happens when we do. In the end, we have to detect The Way at work in "play" vs. "exercise". Tags: angels, ego, guardians, heart, love, misery, pain, play, privacy, spirit, subconscious
  • Thank you Garret for sharing your beautiful light!  I felt it!  Also thank you Tim for the beautiful sharing of your life journey with your bird, Blue. You both touched my heart.  I loved the teaching.  It was a wonderful way to explain the conflict of light vs dark that goes on in our minds on a daily basis.
  • Life is dimmer switch. The more connected you are to peak life experience the brighter your life feels. The more you let social conditioned responses to shape you or influence your moment of living the more your life is allowed to be dimmed. The strength comes from choice, awareness and presence. The mind is a sneaky adversary, find the armour in your knowing and faith, then the negative monkey finds it difficult to live in the presence of your strong beaming light. Eckhardt Tolle suggests we observe consciously the negativity, don't condemn it, but observe it, then the monkeys melt away.
  • I didn't finish the whole video. I'm just looking around. I enjoyed the part about Tim's friend. I have one similar named Angel. (I didn't name her) The title of this video reminds me of a story I read. There was this guy who fell on hard times. He answered an add and ended up moving in with three room mates. He was a writer. These room mates were interesting. There was one who seemed very much like a child. Only ancient. Wise. And innocent. Then there was another room mate. This one was a chimp in a lab coat. Liked drinking tea. Always writing equations on a board with one hand. Working on a computer with another, and maybe playing with a chemistry set with a foot. And constantly yelling, describing everything. Trying to run the show. Run the apartment. Organize it. Keep a schedule. Then there was the third room mate. Dreamer. Dreamer was never the same day to day. Always changing. Sometimes dreamer would come out of his room looking like some cosmic void. Then some days dreamer would look like a pissed off emo. Or a mystic. Spiritual warrior. You get the idea. Throughout the story. The writer learns about his new room mates. And eventually they all team up. When they realize they need each other. Love the site. Best avenue on frision, ecstasis, flow.. Etc. I've come across so far. Thanks!!! I'm two videos in. Just looking around still. No critiques. 
  • Every time I try and watch any of the videos it says I do not have permission to watch them, what exactly did I pay for? None of the videos are available, 
    • author
      Hi George - Our apologies. The Vimeo account needed our attention. It's fixed now and you should have access to all the videos without needing a password now.
  • Fantastic and Garret you have a gift with calling in the church vibration holy moly it's a pleasure to see you do what you do and generate some good vibes of my own up in here!  Yahoohoo much love!!!